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Obstetrics & Gynecology

                                          We are Surgeons

Dr. Myers is a surgeon, trained and uniquely experienced in performing minimally invasive techniques, surgical treatment of stress incontinence and pelvic reconstruction. 

OBGYN Offices of:

We are Gynecologists

  • We are medical specialists who specialize in women's reproductive health and treat diseases of the ovaries, uterus, and vagina.  We encourage our patients to schedule yearly gynecological exams, which includes a breast, pelvic, rectal exam and Pap test (cervical cancer screening).
  • We also use these yearly check-ups to help educate women about reproductive health and to respond to any concerns a woman might have regarding menstrual cycles, birth control methods, beginning menopause or other women's health issues.

We are Obstetricians

  • The physicians of Bryan Myers, MD & Nurse Practitioners are medical specialists who focus on pregnancy, labor and delivery, and caring for a patient throughout her pregnancy.
  • During prenatal visits, we check the health of the baby, discuss steps pregnant mothers can take to ensure that the pregnancy runs smoothly, and perform diagnostic tests to look for potential problems with the pregnancy and delivery.
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                           Bryan Myers, M.D., PC        

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